Find an Affordable Window Contractor in New Bedford, MA

Find an Affordable Window Contractor in New Bedford, MA

Bay State Window & Door offers window installation and replacement services

Picture your living room with bay windows or your bedroom with octagon windows. If you want to transform your space with custom-made windows, call Bay State Window & Door, Inc. We have an array of window colors, shapes and designs for residential and commercial clients in New Bedford, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.

We're clearly the best choice in New Bedford, MA

Using Diamond Windows & Doors, KasKel, and Harvey products, we’ll make sure you have quality windows in your home or commercial building. We offer:

  • Energy Star-rated vinyl windows
  • Double-pane glass in white and beige tints
  • Windows in a variety of colors, shapes and woodgrains
  • Glass and triple-track storm windows

If you want to install a specific brand of windows on your property, please call for details! We can order from other manufacturers in the New Bedford area.

Call 508-992-8847 to schedule a consultation with Bay State Window & Door, Inc. of New Bedford, MA. All of our custom-made windows are backed by a manufacturers warranty!